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Donate Machines, Equipment, Vehicle of any Kind

Here in India, now that we are blessed with the latest in machines, vehicles and equipment, there is one big problem that has never been addressed. Once this machine/equipment is not needed anymore, then what? Millions of people have older vehicles, machines and equipment they do not use or need. Most of us have something in the garage or closet. And this can present a dilemma. What do we do to get rid of such old equipment? The average store will not take it in trade. It’s difficult to sell. Friends and family won’t always take it. Now there is a solution to this problem, and ANNAKSHETRA is the answer. There is a bigger need and demand than can be imagined. And there is more than enough equipment to go around. Our job and mission is to fulfill the needs of hunger of poor people. Our gift to them is to do this for no charge. Our success depends on your donations and support to give those in need of a stable calorific diet. Our future is one that puts us all together in a stable society, where the healthy are not paying for the unhealthy. Any kind of machines or equipment can be donated. They would be used for food collection and distribution. Used Cars and Trucks – these will be used to collect food from various sources and then for transportation to distribution points. Refrigerators and Deep Freezers : there is large deficiency of these cold appliances. The life of cooked food can be increased tremendously if the cold storage facility is proper and adequate. Larger life of food implies more mouth which can be fed. Water Coolers – Importance of these especially in Rajasthan, India requires no justification. These are planned to placed at various distribution points where cold drinking water along with the food will be made available to the poor. Utensils – As the distribution points and number of people being fed are on rise, utensils of various sizes and purpose are always at premium. These are always short and hinders the food distribution and collection. To donate machine or vehicle or equipment of any kind please drop a mail at info@annakshetra.org or call us on 0141-2502299 and we would contact you.